The process of teletherapy

teletherapy process

Teletherapy is an easy process and involves a few easy steps once you get the hang of it. After your client and your e-helper are comfortable with the flow of the session, it’s a piece of cake. 

Here is my teletherapy process in 6 steps: 

  1. Open online tabs or PDF documents with activities that I will use. I keep them minimized or displayed on my second monitor until I’m ready to use them in the session. 
  2. Log into teletherapy platform (ex: Zoom, Go to Meeting, etc.). 
  3. Client logs in and joins my session. 
  4. I Make sure I have good audio and video (troubleshoot if needed). 
  5. I share my screen with my client and begin my first activity.
  6. End session and send homework via email or assign it in my Boom Cards classroom.  

Activities can be many things. These are the types of activities I use regularly: 

  1. PDF worksheets 
  2. Boom Cards 
  3. YouTube videos 
  4. PDF flashcards 
  5. Online games from Sesame Street & PBS Kids
  6. Epic! books 

 What should I practice the most when getting started?

I find the thing that takes the most practice is switching back and forth between activities during a session. It is a good idea to practice switching back and forth between PDFs, online games, minimized tabs, etc. Also, practice knowing where to find your video display which may get “lost” behind an open window or PDF document on your desktop. Lastly, when you plan an online therapy session, plan for technology “hiccups” and have a plan B ready to go.  For example, if you embed a link into your presentation but the link is not working during your session, have that link ready to paste directly into an internet browser. 

…one more thing. Have fun with it and speak with your clients like if you were right there next to them. Smile! They are watching everything you do. 

Need a little introduction to teletherapy? Check out this article to learn more.

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